A poem about anxiety

It sneaks on you so slow and slick,

That by the time you see it it’s too late.

You try to make it go away, but it’s no use,

Your mind’s already full of horror plays.

A part of you knows they’re unreal,

But still, it’s hard to turn them off at will.

They play just like a broken record on repeat,

Take all your energy, and then you’re weak.

Just like a puppet on some strings,

You dance to tunes that make you ache.

Whether they’re past or future scenes, it’s hard,

To make them stop; from them being so dark.

You might feel weak but don’t give up,

There is a way to cut the strings, be free.

The past is gone, the future hasn’t been created,

One thing that’s real is being in the present.

It’s here where all the choices are decided,

The hard part is to be in it fully, and trust lightly.

I will not lie, it’s not an easy task,

The monkey mind isn’t as fun as it may sound.

But it can be tamed with empathy and patience,

And helpers who can maybe guide these lessons.

5 thoughts on “Angst

    1. Paschal, it’s ok if you can’t relate to it so well. This poem is about my experience of anxiety, and I’m aware that others might experience it in different ways.

      I am curious to hear any thoughts that might come to you if you meditate on it.

      1. Yes I have been reading this poem for the past 24 hours…and I think some meaning is beginning to come.

        I last experienced anxiety on a stage where I was up for a speech presentation following an essay competition I qualified for.

        I was meant to defend the topic I wrote on. So I never thought it was necessary preparing for the speech as I had all the information in my head.

        I literally went blank during the speech…

        Guess that was anxiety…though its not the only one though…have had more episodes during my Oral exams.

        I have always been reading some tips on how to prevent anxiety especially while addressing people…but I always see myself landing into similar scenarios over and over again.

        I think am much better at writing down my thoughts than speaking it out…but it will never help.

        My career is the type that requires you to at least once in a while talk or discuss with colleagues, superiors or other people.

        I hope I can control this before I reach the peak of my career.

        I will always hang around ur blog often…maybe it would help 😊

      2. That sounds tough, Paschal. I think it’s not easy to deal with anxiety, especially when it comes to speaking in front of people. I’m afraid I don’t have any quick fixes. I don’t know how you feel about it, but it might help to explore with a therapist what is happening inside you in the moments when you get anxious, instead of trying to control it.

        I’ve started blogging here recently and am trying to find my own style. I hope you’ll find something here in the future that helps, even a little 🙂

        Take care.