A poem about depression

Sometimes she feels nothing, like a ghost without a body
The things that yesterday brought joy today feel more like sorrow.
The food she eats is tasteless, and her energy is low.
She wants to do the things she loves, but she can’t remember what they were.
She feels lost, doesn’t know how to find herself,
Wants so hard to ask for help, but her voice is silent.
Trapped in a sea of hopelessness and darkness that surrounds her
Everything looks bland; it has no future and no kindness.
She tries to keep her head above the water, but she’s too tired
So, she lets go and surrenders to the numbness.
She used to be afraid to dive into the dark, but now she knows the tide will change.
And soon, she’ll wake up stranded but feeling more aware.
This journey is never easy, but when the light appears
She thanks her soul and guides for being there, assisting with their grace.