THE LOUD VOICE (a personal view on the inner critic)

This loud voice tells me that I’m no good,
That no matter how much I try, I’ll end up misunderstood.
She screams and hits me with so much strength,
That makes me break, and I start to feel myself evaporate.
She shows up unexpected and takes me by surprise.
Because I always believe the last time was goodbye.
What do you want from me, you hideous hag?
Just let me be or tell me why I make you mad.
I feel tired of hiding in the dark because of you.
Freedom is what I want, and I will get it too.
Your power over me gets weaker by the minute.
You know it too; it’s why you cling so tightly to it.
My eyes are open now, and I can see the choice
I have to make, to be myself again.

Andreea Fagetan @ Reimagining human
Andreea Fagetan @ Reimagining human

I’m on a mission to empower people to feel free to connect with their authentic selves and improve their lives. I believe that when people become truly aware of their inside world, they have the power to change things for the better, not just for themselves but for the outside world around them.