Reimagining human clicks – a little introduction

Hi there, I’m Andreea, and this is Reimagining human clicks. I thought I give you a bit of an intro so you can get an idea about the reasoning behind this project, what it is about and what you can expect to see here.

‘Reimaging Human’ is the name of my private practice: I’m a Psychosynthesis Counsellor & Reiki Practitioner. The word ‘clicks’ came to me a few days ago, and I believe it beautifully expresses the type of things I want to share with you.

Do you know those moments when you either hear, read, or see something that spontaneously helps you connect some dots in your mind?

Those Eureka moments when a sudden realisation emerges and shifts your perception of something forever?

I love them!

Because once you have that awareness, things can change forever. So, I want to share with you the things I’ve discovered on my human journey up until now that helped me get those ‘click’ moments and even future ones that might come up. Some of those clicks happened quickly for me, but others happened after months or years and when I least expected. Nonetheless, they helped me expand my awareness, shift my perspective, begin my healing journey, and connect with my authentic Self. I hope that you get your unique clicks when you explore these resources.

These resources are about things I find interesting: psychology, spirituality, energy work, ADHD traits, and other things that I believe are part of the human experience.

This project intends to bring you more awareness, healing and growth in your life; for your body, mind and Soul.

I wish you many beautiful clicks!