Explore your inner world with guided meditation- Thursdays and Sundays

Do you like guided meditations?

Do you want to not only relax, but also connect with your intuition?

Are you a woman who wants to explore her inner world in a safe and supporting space?

Then join me for these women only guided mediation sessions on Thursdays @ 7pm & Sundays @ 5.30pm.

Hi there, my name is Andreea; I’m a Psychosynthesis therapist and Reiki practitioner in London. I work mainly with women, helping them explore not only their struggles but also their potential.

I love guided meditations; they helped me connect with the wisdom of my body, feelings, and soul. Throughout the years, I was at various women-only events. I felt supported and safe there and enjoyed them a lot. During lockdown last year, I volunteered to do some guided meditation sessions for a library in my area. I did that for a few months, and the few people who turned up were all women. I feel that when women get together and support each other, even if that support is not with words but with genuine presence, the energy created is beautiful. And this can sometimes support deep healing.

With these guided meditation sessions, I aim to guide you not only to relax but also to explore the deeper landscape of your psyche and connect with the wisdom of your inner guidance. Furthermore, I aim to offer a space for you to connect with feminine energy.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!