My personal journey with energy therapy

In 2020 I developed rashes in quite a few places on my body. I went to my GP to check it out; it was not bacteria. I received some steroid creams, but they only made things worse. I stopped using them and started my research into what looked like eczema.

Sometimes the itch was so full-on that I woke up at night to scratch and couldn’t stop. There were days when I felt exhausted and couldn’t stop crying because of lack of sleep and frustration. The touch of my clothes and bedsheets felt like sandpaper on my skin. I had to cut my long hair because even a strand on my back felt excruciating. All this went on for about a year. In 2021 I decided to seek alternative therapies and felt drawn to Reiki, a form of energy therapy. We were still in the middle of the pandemic, so I decided to go for a course. My primary motivation was to find relief for my rashes because there is no official cure for eczema.

Reiki is an old Japanese energy healing therapy. The practitioner uses their hands to feel the areas on the body where there are accumulations of toxins which may manifest as aches, pains or even illnesses. I practice Jikiden Reiki which does not have any Western influences.

My healing journey has been quite an adventure, and I’m still on it. It was painful and frustrating, but it made me fall in love with Reiki. Ironically, it also helped me to connect with and fall in love with my body. I have used other things apart from Reiki to complement my healing, including psychotherapeutic counselling; I’m also a Psychosynthesis therapist.

In my opinion, every person’s healing journey is unique, and deep healing is not just about curing the symptoms; it goes much deeper than that. It’s about giving your aches, pains, illness or psychological issues a voice. It requires patience with yourself and with your process. It comes with a willingness to make changes not just in your mind but also in your life.

So, after using Reiki for myself for the last year and a half and on family and friends, I’m officially adding it to my professional toolbox. Whether it’s looking for an hour of relaxation or you want to work on any physical or psychological challenges, feel free to contact me for a free 15 minutes consultation. I offer Reiki, psychotherapeutic counselling or a combination of both. If coming for in-person sessions is a bit of a struggle for you, I also offer Enkaku/ distance Reiki, which is just as effective. The sessions will be in the comfort of your home at a time that works for you when you can be completely undisturbed.

Hope your healing journey brings you what you’re looking for.

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