Don’t worry if they steal your dream (but learn)

When will you finally learn your lesson,
And keep your mouth shut on your dreams?
Even the ones you’ve known forever,
Will sometimes hurt you, hurt you deep.

It may sound scary what you hear:
But the ones without their own ideas will steal.
What makes them feel entitled, without guilt,
To take your dreams and make them real?

They might be just too lazy or not brave,
It takes a lot of work to find true dreams and self.
Funny how in their mind is the excuse,
To not put in the effort and look deep.

I know how hard it is to look inside oneself,
To face your ugly side and think: I’m not the best.
But I also know the thing they stole from you,
Had a deep meaning for you only, my dear.

Here is a thing they fail to understand,
And which might help them take a truer stance.
Whatever they see in you and love so much,
They also have that fully deep inside.

You spent a lot of time creating your persona,
And that’s the thing they do not understand.
What they create is just a fraction of your vision,
It lacks the purpose that’s behind your task.

Why do they think your dreams are better,
Instead of searching for their own?
Why do they want to hide inside your shadow,
Instead of growing tall? Who knows?

They got confused between an inspiration and a copy,
But these two things will never be the same.
They might persuade you that what they did is nothing,
You listen to your heart and find your way.

But still, what hurts the most is the betrayal.
You went to them, someone you trusted.
You laid your dreams and asked for guidance,
And they decided: I’ll make them happen.

So, let them try to play your part or something close.
If that’s the role they want to play in life, and nothing more.
All you can do is hope one day, they’ll stop and think
Why do they find it so hard to love and play themselves?

There is another thing I want to say before I go,
No matter how your friendship goes, I hope you learn
To let all your dreams be known to you alone,
Until they’re out there fully and they’re born.

Andreea Fagetan @ Reimagining human
Andreea Fagetan @ Reimagining human

I’m on a mission to empower people to feel free to connect with their authentic selves and improve their lives. I believe that when people become truly aware of their inside world, they have the power to change things for the better, not just for themselves but for the outside world around them.