What makes me ‘me’

Both pleasant and painful experiences have shaped who I am today as I struggled with mental health issues myself while growing up. I was born in a beautiful city in the West of Romania, and moved to London in 2006.

In London, circumstances led me to work in Finance for almost ten years in what now feels like another lifetime. Even though it was a rewarding experience in many ways, in my early 30s, I began to feel like my life lacked purpose and meaning. So, I decided to follow my passion for self-development, mental health and spirituality and enrolled in a Postgraduate course in Psychosynthesis counselling that lasted three years. During my training, I realised that I had ADHD traits; this helped explain some of the struggles in my life, mostly in school. I began to explore neurodiversity through a transpersonal lens.

I have been aware of and attracted to energy therapies for many years, but something stopped me from exploring that further. In 2020 I developed a sudden skin condition, and after not having too much luck with western medicine, I decided to try an alternative approach. I discovered Jikiden Reiki and fell in love with its simplicity and values, and I began my deep self-healing journey; this led me to become a professional Reiki practitioner and to develop an interest in a holistic approach to therapy.

I also have an interest in spirituality. I was baptised and raised as an Orthodox; however, in my teenage years, I became disappointed with the dogmatic religion. After years of outer and inner exploration of various faiths and beliefs, I began my journey of connecting with the divine in a way that makes more sense to me: an undogmatic and unique way that feels more authentic and fulfilling to me.

On my journey of Self-discovery, I met amazing people who supported me along the way, who held a safe and loving space for my true self to emerge. I hope I can offer you a similar space as you embark on your unique journey of connecting with your authentic self.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling training
  • Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations (1 year)
  • Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling (2 years)
  • Placement in a low-cost clinic @ The Psychosynthesis Trust (1 year & 6 months)

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and, I adhere to their Framework. I have regular Supervision, I am fully insured and, I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development.

Reiki training & lineage

I completed the Shoden & Okuden Levels.

​Mikao Usui -> Chujiro Hayashi -> Chiyoko Yamaguchi -> Tadao Yamaguchi -> Rika Tanaka > Andreea Fagetan

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