Therapies I offer


I guide women to explore their challenges and fall in love with their true selves

Being human is not easy. Being a woman comes with its own set of challenges, expectations and confusion. Underneath the environmental and cultural conditioning, past challenges, and generational traumas you might not even be aware you are carrying hides the real you.

I use the Psychosynthesis model, a beautiful blend of psychology and un-dogmatic spirituality. What does this mean in terms of how I work? I see your challenges and struggles as something trying to emerge in your life, not as a disease that needs curing. I see you as a human being full of potential and a unique purpose in life that only you can fulfil. I also see you as a Soul on a human journey of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-realisation. 

The type of counselling I offer is psychotherapeutic, which means that it’s long term and more in-depth, as we will be exploring your struggles to get to the root of what is causing them. I use a neurodiverse framework and a holistic view that includes the connection between the mind, body and feelings. My work is intuitive, and apart from talking therapy, I might use creative techniques, meditation and energy work, to help you explore your challenges and inner world.

My aim is to help you explore not only your struggles and challenges, but also your potential

I will guide you to

Discover what is hiding underneath your struggles and anxieties

Connect with the parts of yourself that might feel ugly and unlovable and discover their unique gifts

Explore your beliefs about being a woman and about femininity

Become aware of what stops you from developing deeper and more meaningful relationships

Find your unique voice and expression in the world

Fall in love with the whole of you and become your authentic self

Find more meaning and purpose in your life

Other issues I work with:

  • Co-dependency
  • Generational trauma
  • High Sensitivity
  • Identity
  • Life purpose, Loneliness, Low confidence, Low self-esteem, Low self-worth
  • Neurodiversity
  • Relationships issues
  • Sexuality & gender, Sense of belonging, Spirituality
  • Work-related stress
I offer therapy in Romanian as well, and work online and in person in Ealing, London, with women from and outside of the UK.


Mondays & Thursdays- online sessions

Tuesdays & Fridays- in person sessions

Duration & fees:

A Psychosynthesis therapy session is 50 min, both online & in person.

Fee: £60 for a 50 min session

I offer a free 15 min consultation.

energy therapy / reiki

Supporting women to release blockages from their body and mind, and heal themselves

Eastern traditions believe that energy exists in everything, all around and inside of us. Energy that flows when everything is in harmony, in nature and inside our bodies. When there is an emotional or mental imbalance, various health conditions can manifest in the body.

There are many energy work methods out there today, but the one I practice is a traditional one called Jikiden Reiki. It is a simple hands-on Japanese energy work method that optimises the body’s natural healing systems. It was developed in the 1920s by Mikao Usui in Japan, and today it is used all over the world in various forms.

I can work with various physical issues. However, I am particularly interested in working with women who struggle with eczema, as I am aware of the psychological impact it can have on someone. For any physical health issues, during a Reiki session, I will use my hands to find and focus on the areas that have “byosen”- this is an area that has energy blockage or where the energy doesn’t flow freely anymore.

I am also particularly interested in the psychological uses of Reiki because of my counselling background. The main psychological issues I work with are anxiety, social anxiety, low self-worth, depression, and lack of purpose and meaning. But, I can work with other psychological challenges as well.

Each treatment course is unique, and the number of sessions will depend on how you respond to the treatment.

I offer in person Reiki sessions in Ealing, West London and Enkaku/distance Reiki sessions for people worldwide.


Mondays & Thursdays- distance Reiki

Tuesdays & Fridays- in person Reiki sessions in Ealing

Some Sundays available for in person Reiki sessions in Ealing

Duration & fees:

An energy work session / Reiki can be 60 min or 1 hour 30 min, in person or distance/ Enkaku.

Fee: £60/ 55 min session; £90/ 85 min session

I offer a free 15 min consultation.

Contact me if you want to book an initial session or for a 15 min free consultation if you have any questions