Reiki – energy therapy

Reiki in Ealing, West London

release blockages FROM your body, mind & soul

Flowing river in forrest

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.”


Eastern traditions believe that energy exists in everything, all around and inside of us. This energy flows when everything is in harmony, in nature and inside our bodies. 

Reiki was developed in Japan in the 1920s by Mikao Usui and is an energy healing therapy method that optimises the body’s natural healing ability. The trained practitioner passes on the Reiki energy to the receiver through their hands. This energy is like the energy that flows naturally through the human body; for this reason, it is considered a safe practice for everyone. I practice Jikiden Reiki which does not contain Western influences or modifications.

I believe various health conditions can manifest in the body when there is an emotional or mental imbalance

I had energy therapy sessions before, but my personal Reiki journey began when I developed a health condition in 2020, and western medicine could not help. I was already working as a Psychosynthesis therapist at that time. So, my focus and understanding of Reiki come from my personal experience and psychotherapeutic perspective. My work is intuitive. I know how unbelievably helpful Reiki can be, and I now use that experience to help others.

Reiki can support you with various physical or psychological issues. During a Reiki session, I will use my hands to find and focus on the areas in your body that have an accumulation of toxins. I perform the treatment with you fully dressed and sitting on a chair or lying down on a treatment couch. The length of a session can be between 30 min to 90 minutes. Each course of treatment is unique, and the number of sessions needed will depend on how your body responds to Reiki.

For people who find it hard to come for in-person treatment sessions, I also offer distance Reiki called Enkaku. Distance Reiki works in the same way as in-person sessions (you can read testimonial here). I will use my hands to feel and send Reiki to the areas in your body with toxins. At an agreed date and time when you can take some time to yourself and relax without being disturbed by anyone, we begin the treatment when you are lying in a comfortable position.

Want to find out details about session duration, cost and availability? Check out the FAQ page.

Contact me if you want to book an initial session or for a 15 min free phone/online consultation if you have any questions.