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ADHD traits

~ Every woman with ADHD traits is different, but here are some common ones which may manifest in you in unique ways:

  • struggle to regulate your emotions/ poor impulse control
  • inability to focus/ tuning out (especially when you feel unmotivated or not interested in something)
  • hyperactivity of the body or the mind
  • finding it hard to be organised
  • selective poor memory
  • difficulty in completing tasks or procrastinating
  • self-critical
  • perfectionism

client picks

Sometimes my clients will read or hear something that has an impact on them, and they will mention it to me in our sessions; it can be a song, poem, podcast, article, book, etc. So, I decided to create a space where I can share these lovely finds with you as well. Hope you enjoy them.

Client picks # 1 song

Client picks # 2 podcast

Client picks # 3 podcast

Client picks # 4 book

my picks

This is a space for the resources that I found and liked, and decided to share; they are connected to being human, being a woman, ADHD struggles.

My picks #1 book

poems, articles and short stories

I enjoy writing. It’s a great way to express how you feel and see the world around you, in a way that maybe no one else has done before.

The parts we play (poem)

Angst (poem)

Numbness (poem)

The egg that cracks vertically (article)