“The thing I like most about talking with Andreea is the feeling of communicating on a level playing field – that I can bring anything with me into our session, with no fear of judgment.  It’s been possible for me to develop a deep level of trust, which has enabled me to let go of my self-consciousness and to become fully present in our sessions.  I feel very free when taking to Andreea – I have a lot of space, inside a safe bubble, where I can talk things out and explore the parts of who I am.

Andreea gives me the space to talk that I can’t give myself in everyday life, and the time I need to work things out whilst I speak from a place of honesty.  There is no pressure to respond in a certain way.  I feel heard and supported, never judged.  If I get ‘stuck’ or lose momentum, Andreea will gently nudge or ask a prompting question to help me to pick up my thread.

I like the fact that I can be the one to lead the way in the session, and it can be something that I either think about before, or I hit upon in that moment.  I can either come prepared with something that has been bothering me, or I’ll just start talking, allowing thoughts to naturally float to the top.

Andreea seems to have the perfect intuition to pick up on the items of great importance, and gently directs your attention back to what you may otherwise have just passed over.

Our sessions are like a free flowing, organic structure – kind of like the experience of living.  You can plan out what you intend to do or need to achieve within a timeframe, but what really happens is that your experience flows along its own path.  I feel the same with this work – it goes where I need it to go, perhaps without even realising the direction that I’ve chosen to take the discussion in.

Throughout our sessions we have tried working with different techniques, which we pick and choose according to how I am feeling.  Some of these techniques (breathing, visualisations, meditation) I probably wouldn’t have chosen to try, but have proved to be very effective – to the extent that I have taken them away and use them by myself when I encounter a difficult life situation.  It now feels like I am better equipped to go out and face any difficult days – it’s like knowing you have a basic survival kit packed for when you embark on a journey.

I also find it comforting to know that I have someone who will listen to the intricate detail of what is happening inside of my mind when I experience a situation, and will help me to unpack what happened afterwards.

I find the online session format very convenient.  We have a set weekly routine that establishes the importance of these sessions to me – but we have enough flexibility that they are not rigid and inconvenient.  It’s an hour of my personal time that I protect, and which I potentially couldn’t manage around my work if I also had to account for travel time on top.

I honestly wish that I had started therapy years earlier, but I’m thankful that I’ve been brave enough to make that start.”