“I started therapy when I was stuck: I felt sad and overwhelmed and couldn’t see a way that this would change. I also felt deeply embarrassed about my situation and didn’t know how to understand or talk about what I was feeling.

I really appreciate how Andreea has accompanied me through these uncomfortable feelings, through silence and incoherence, when I haven’t seen a way forward. She has been a consistent and trustworthy witness to what has often felt like a pretty attritional internal struggle.

Talking to Andreea has given me new tools to express and relate to my experiences – including imagination and creativity, visualisation and the art of asking good questions! Our sessions are a place where I can start to examine and reinhabit the parts of myself I fear or have ignored for a long time.

Over time, these sessions have helped me develop a more solid sense of myself and to gently grow my capacity to experience, interpret and ultimately live my life. Still a lot to learn, but I am grateful for the encouragement and exploration to date!”