“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao Tzu

Do you want to find your ‘you’?

Imagine that you are looking in a mirror that is dirty and maybe has cracks in it. The image looking back at you will be a distorted version of you. If you believe that what you see is the real you, this will impact how you are in the world and how you connect with the people around you.

Explore the whole of you

From the moment we are born, without even realising it, we get bombarded with conditional messages about how we should be: gender norms, beauty and performance expectations, family, cultural, and spiritual beliefs. Therefore the person you are today is a result of all your unique life experiences. Some of these experiences might have been beautiful and supportive, some quite painful and scarring. And they helped you develop deep buried beliefs about yourself and the world; think of them as the dirt or cracks in the mirror.

Discover and accept the real you

Throughout your life, various parts of yourself might have developed to help you deal with these experiences. They hide underneath your challenges and have different and sometimes contradictory beliefs and “wants” about life. I will give you a safe and nurturing space to help you understand how they developed and allow their stories to unfold in a way that feels right for you. I will be by your side as you begin to clean your mirror and discover what feels true to you.

I’m a Psychosynthesis therapist and Reiki practitioner passionate about Self development, mental health, energy work, and non-dogmatic spirituality

I’m on a mission to empower people to heal, feel free to connect with their authentic selves, and improve their lives. I believe that when people become truly aware of their inside world, they have the power to change things for the better, not just for themselves but for the outside world around them.



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