JS (UK)- Enkaku/ distance Reiki

‘I’ve had ME for a year and been having regular therapy and cranial sacral treatments ongoing as part of my recovery journey.

I wanted to try something different something relaxing and yet therapeutic, Andreea offered a remote Reiki session to me.  Having not experienced Reiki before I wasn’t sure what to expect. Andreea explained I would just need to relax and lie on a bed in my own home for an hour and she would perform the treatment remotely.

The first treatment I could feel her start to work on me energetically and I relaxed straight away. It felt very blissful and I fell asleep after 20 minutes, when I woke up just before the end of the session I felt refreshed energised and more confident in myself. Over the following few days I was aware that my arms had increased in strength and mobility.

I booked a follow up session a few weeks later and we worked on issues of safety using the same remote set up, once again it felt very blissful during the session and I fell asleep again! Later that evening I felt a peacefulness and sense of safety in a way I’d not been aware of for a while.

In my experience Andreea is clearly very gifted and this way of working comes very naturally to her. This comes across in her very personable manner and holding presence. I recommend having Reiki with her to anyone experiencing fatigue, chronic pain and or anxiety as I found the sessions very helpful.’