What does it mean to be yourself?

This Ted talk is one of the most inspiring talks I’ve ever heard that deeply impacted my personal and professional life: The art of being yourself by Caroline Mchugh. I come back to this video again and again. And every time I do, I’m left with a renewed energy to continue my search for purpose.

My identity exploration has been a big part of my life journey: as a woman, a therapist, a Soul and a human being. I was born in a communist country where everyone was the same, and being different felt wrong. I felt like this through my teenage years and struggled to conform to a culture where the message I received was that uniqueness is not a trait that is needed or accepted.

The quest for purpose and meaning in life is ingrained deeply in us humans. Every journey is unique, and there is one of you for a reason: every single experience you’ve had throughout your life, every heartache, and all the ups and downs have shaped who you are today. There is no one exactly like you out there. Think about that for a bit. Then why are we competing and comparing ourselves with each other?

So, if you find yourself copying other people or wanting to be someone else, ask yourself:

What do I find so hard or disappointing about being me?

What stops me from seeing myself as a unique woman full of potential and purpose?

I read somewhere that we spend half of our lives learning things that make us forget who we are deep inside; then we spend the other half unlearning those things to become our true selves. I grew up with many beliefs I had to challenge throughout the years that did not resonate with who I am; still doing that even today.

Notice what comes up in your mind and heart when you watch this video. There are so many magical moments in this talk that I find it hard to pick just one. However, the part with the artist Jill Scott almost always makes me feel emotional…

I wish you a beautiful journey back to your true self 🙂

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The art of being yourself – Caroline McHugh