Is mindfulness meditation helpful for people with ADHD traits?

If you have ADHD traits (like me), you probably already know how hard it can be to focus and not zone out at times. One of the things I found helpful in the past few years was mindfulness meditation. Practising it helped me slow down my insanely busy mind and be more present in my body.

I tried various types of mediation in the past 6 or 7 years, but I struggled to hold onto any of them for more than one month. I felt frustrated at one point, and I decided to give up because I thought that maybe meditation was not for me. I was familiar with mindfulness from my Counselling training a few years ago, but for some reason, I struggled to hold on to the practice again.

Then about two years ago, when Covid started, I did an online mindfulness meditation course. The teacher was lovely, and she helped me discover a Buddhist monk called Gelong Thubten. I remember feeling relieved when I heard him speak. Until then, I thought something was wrong with me because I couldn’t get to that Zen state when my mind was blank. That’s what I thought meditation was about, but it turns out that I had many misconceptions about it, and that stopped me from exploring it properly.

I think Gelong Thubten is an authentic teacher. I find the way he explains things quite helpful and easy to follow. I believe he’s a good storyteller with a gentle voice, which helped me stay engaged with his teachings. So, if you’ve never heard of him before, and are a little curious about meditation, check out the video below; he shows you how to meditate there with a few easy steps. I recommended him to my clients and still do when someone mentions that they struggle with a busy mind or staying present.

I can’t tell you that I meditate a lot sitting down now because I don’t. But, I introduced mindfulness in my day-to-day life, and I think I’m more aware of myself than before. I believe it also helped me become kinder and more patient with myself and to acknowledge my humanness.

My mind sometimes still races at 150 miles per hour, but now, I can take a pit stop once in a while for a few minutes. And that has made a big difference in my life.

Hope you enjoy the video and his teachings 🙂

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Meditation for the busy mind – Gelong Thubten